OS: Windows 7
TV: Samsung UN46D6400

I usually stream videos from my computer directly to my TV using the Windows “Play to” option however I was unable to play .mkv files.  First the “Play to” option was not available when I right clicked on the video file. So first I made sure Windows Media Player was able to play the MKV file (You may have to install an add-on codec to the Media Player). Next you will need to change the file extension from .mkv to .avi file extension. By default it may not be as simple as right clicking on the file and clicking rename because Windows could be hiding the file extension. Once you change the file extension you should be able to play the file to your modern Samsung Smart Hub TV.

How to Change File Extension in Windows

WARNING: Before changing a file extension you should know that changing a file extension could cause the file to not be recognized by some programs and recognized by others. If this is not the desired result you can follow the steps and change it back to the original extension, this should undo the change.


1. Locate the file in Windows Explorer. In this case my file name is Some Movie. Notice that the file extension is not shown, this is because Windows is hiding the extension. If the file extension is shown you should be able to right click on the file and click rename. If you are able to see the file extension and are able to change it that is all you have to do. If you do not see the file extension keep reading.


2. In order to see the file extension click on Organize > Folder and Search Options, then select the View tab. Uncheck the box “Hide extensions for known file types”.


3. Click OK. Now you should see the file extension.


4. Right click on the file and select Rename (or you can select the file and use F2 key on your keyboard).

In this case we renamed the file from an mkv to an avi. Once you commit the change you will get a warning that the file may not work correctly. This is fine, if it does not work we can change it back.


That does it! Now I can play the movie to my Samsung TV.